World to see biggest full moon in two decades

World to see biggest full moon in two decades – Yahoo! News UK.

Following the recent lunar eclipse, this should provide yet another good opportunity for some quality lunar photography.

Also intrigued by the speculation of this as an influence over major weather or geological events!

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Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags

Apologies in advance but it has been some time since I’ve had a mini rant, so here’s my latest.

Yesterday I saw the advertisement for a Channel 4 documentary on Lily Allen. The premise of the show being that Lily is now looking for a lifestyle that steps away from the limelight and enters a word of relative normality. If this is true, then why on earth does she agree to make a TV programme to track the transition away from the stage? If she genuinely desires a quieter life, why doesn’t she just quietly disappear from our sights and the media. It is, or at least it can be done with relative ease. “Celebrities” do this all of the time, although not all are through a conscious effort or desire.

Instead Ms Allen agrees to a staged documentary following her through the start-up of a new business venture with her sister. Is this merely a vehicle to get yet another of the Allen clan onto our TV sets?

I do understand that she has had a number of personal issues to deal with in recent years, and not all of them were brought on by her own actions or even avoidable, but if you do yearn for a life more ordinary, just go and do it. Ease off the daily twitter updates to an audience in excess of 2.7 million, don’t supply quotes to the press about said change of direction, and certainly don’t agree to a documentary to record every little part of your journey.

For those who have nothing better to do, it is being aired on Channel 4 at 10pm (GMT) on Tuesday March 15. Somehow, I think I might have something that clashes which will keep me from tuning in.

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Film Trailer Reviews

As I get older, the family grows and work takes up more time than I’d care to admit, I find that I have less and less time to do the things that I enjoy. One of these ever eroding pastimes is visiting the cinema.

Gone are the days when I could take a chance and watch any old film that was new out that week. These days I have to carefully sift through the available trailers and do what I can to ensure a worth while investment of my precious free hours.

Taking the listings of new releases and forthcoming titles from Odeon Cinemas, I will start to build and maintain a review of all new films hitting the UK cinemas. I have no affiliation with Odeon, I have merely selected them as they have a large presence in UK cinema and should therefore have an up to date listing of emerging new films.

Please don’t confuse this with an actual review of the full movie, this is strictly a Trailer Review. Taking what the production companies define as some of the films finer moments, I intend to assess if this is really enough to give you a fair idea of the story, and more importantly, is this enough to get your bums on the seat of your nearest cinema? Would you really, take 3 hours out on the back of watching a 2 minute clip that couldn’t hold your attention or excitement for even half of that time? Me neither!

This isn’t about saving your money for just the better quality, high budget movies. I genuinely think going to the cinema is quite reasonable. This is about making better use of your time. If you’ve plenty of time on your hands, you may well still go along to some of the poorer movies just for the experience, and that’s just fine. It always gives you something to talk about later, but for me, I can only afford to go to see something that stands a good chance of being enjoyable.

Anyone who has a Mac will be no doubt familiar with Front Row which is great for a quick view of whats coming to a cinema near you, but for the rest of you out there, I’ll try to bring it all together in one neat and tidy package.

Thanks for reading, I’ve now set up a seperate blog for the trailer reviews which you can find here. It’s still early days but I will be added and updating as often as I can.

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Freedom (via Style and Sophistication)

Protests spread, people get shot This can't be right, in fact it's not Each round of bullets adds to the strength The rulers seem to be prepared to go to any length The people are angry this is not right They want to have freedom they don't want a fight The regimes try to quell again and again Causing their people more and more pain. … Read More

via Style and Sophistication

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Ultimate low cost travel

Driving home today on the A1 I spotted a lorry.

Whilst I’m sure there are many of these on our roads, it’s the first time I’ve seen one and did get me thinking exactly what it is used for. You may assume that an airline company would have accessible means of transporting what ever goods or commodities they need to around the country, or even the world. Clearly, you can’t fly a plane to just anywhere you like, there must be an airport near by, but what would such a company need to transport that isn’t to be delivered to or near an airport?

I know that the in flight meals aren’t a big seller so I doubt that they may have branched out to selling these in your local deli. I’ve also discounted the possibility that they have branched out into foreign exchange and they are doing so well that they require a fleet of HGV’s to circulate the foreign notes to their eagerly awaiting customers. I did consider that this maybe a perk for their executives in lieu of the standard company car, but with the ever climbing price of petrol, i had to rule that possibility out too.

This left me with only one conclusion. This is THE ULTIMATE IN LOW COST TRAVEL! Beware happy travellers of britain. Next time you see that advert in the window of your local travel agents or on the trusty pages of Teletext, just double-check the small print. If my theory is to be believed, that 7 nights B&B to Marmaris could turn out to be 3 days travel in an 18 wheeler, packed with 80 other weary travellers with one night at Turkeys answer to the little chef before departing for your final 3 day journey home.

Really, if you think about it, it’s not worth considering for anything less than a fortnight!

Happy holidays 🙂


I’ve just come across this excellent video that summs up cheap travel far better than i ever could have.



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3 things, 3 years (via Penshawgrump’s Blog)

Interesting……..What would you have on your wish list?

3 things, 3 years Recently had an interesting discussion with fellow bloggers @grayed and @chrisv1977 en route to Marrakech. One of the questions we were discussing was 'what are the top 3 experiences you would like to have over the next three years?' (keep it clean please  ). Here are the outcomes, would be interested to hear yours: @grayed: Derby day at the races – being outside in the sunshine, adrenaline, dressing up, seeing the best horses in the world Munic … Read More

via Penshawgrump's Blog

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Mice nuts for some but a Milestone for me

Hi Guys,

Just a very quick, and short post to say thanks to all who have visited my little bit of real estate in the blogosphere. One thousand views may appear insignificant to most but it means a lot to me that so many have found their way to my pages and taken the time to read over my ramblings, especially those who find the time to comment too!

Hopefully you will find something interesting enough for you to come back again soon. I’ll do what I can to keep it interesting, varied & fresh.

Happy blogging,


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