Ultimate low cost travel

Driving home today on the A1 I spotted a Jet2.com lorry.

Whilst I’m sure there are many of these on our roads, it’s the first time I’ve seen one and did get me thinking exactly what it is used for. You may assume that an airline company would have accessible means of transporting what ever goods or commodities they need to around the country, or even the world. Clearly, you can’t fly a plane to just anywhere you like, there must be an airport near by, but what would such a company need to transport that isn’t to be delivered to or near an airport?

I know that the in flight meals aren’t a big seller so I doubt that they may have branched out to selling these in your local deli. I’ve also discounted the possibility that they have branched out into foreign exchange and they are doing so well that they require a fleet of HGV’s to circulate the foreign notes to their eagerly awaiting customers. I did consider that this maybe a perk for their executives in lieu of the standard company car, but with the ever climbing price of petrol, i had to rule that possibility out too.

This left me with only one conclusion. This is THE ULTIMATE IN LOW COST TRAVEL! Beware happy travellers of britain. Next time you see that advert in the window of your local travel agents or on the trusty pages of Teletext, just double-check the small print. If my theory is to be believed, that 7 nights B&B to Marmaris could turn out to be 3 days travel in an 18 wheeler, packed with 80 other weary travellers with one night at Turkeys answer to the little chef before departing for your final 3 day journey home.

Really, if you think about it, it’s not worth considering for anything less than a fortnight!

Happy holidays 🙂


I’ve just come across this excellent video that summs up cheap travel far better than i ever could have.



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My name is Chris and I'm from Sunderland in the North East of England. My interests are varied which you will probably see on here over time but I do find it hard not to rant, so while I will try and keep my blog topical and interesting, there's still a fair chance that I may well jump up on my soap box from time to time.
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