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Freedom (via Style and Sophistication)

Protests spread, people get shot This can't be right, in fact it's not Each round of bullets adds to the strength The rulers seem to be prepared to go to any length The people are angry this is not right … Continue reading

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3 things, 3 years (via Penshawgrump’s Blog)

Interesting……..What would you have on your wish list? Recently had an interesting discussion with fellow bloggers @grayed and @chrisv1977 en route to Marrakech. One of the questions we were discussing was 'what are the top 3 experiences you would like … Continue reading

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Mice nuts for some but a Milestone for me

Hi Guys, Just a very quick, and short post to say thanks to all who have visited my little bit of real estate in the blogosphere. One thousand views may appear insignificant to most but it means a lot to me that … Continue reading

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Cyber Parc, Marrakech

Here’s a short clip showing the great surroundings enjoyed by the locals of Marrakech. This oasis of serenity, right in the heart of such a busy city is a great spot to relax in, and thanks to the free wifi … Continue reading

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Marrakech Stage 1

As you may know, today I have embarked on my virgin trip to Marrakech, along with @penshawgrump & @grayed. Our vehicle of choice is Ryanair. Booking was simple, and to be fair cheap, providing you travel in everything you intend … Continue reading

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A Newport State of Mind. (via Random Observations From A Restless Mind)

a great blog covering an even better article. The team behind this parody are the best! Enjoy……… We live in an age where once something begins to trend in a major way, the parodies, spoofs and complete rip-offs are never … Continue reading

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Top Gear – Speeding down the pan!

Who was watching this weeks Top Gear? Despite coming under increasing criticism about making the show topical and in the license fee payers interest, they continue to go even further out of their way just to fill an hours slot … Continue reading

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