Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags

Apologies in advance but it has been some time since I’ve had a mini rant, so here’s my latest.

Yesterday I saw the advertisement for a Channel 4 documentary on Lily Allen. The premise of the show being that Lily is now looking for a lifestyle that steps away from the limelight and enters a word of relative normality. If this is true, then why on earth does she agree to make a TV programme to track the transition away from the stage? If she genuinely desires a quieter life, why doesn’t she just quietly disappear from our sights and the media. It is, or at least it can be done with relative ease. “Celebrities” do this all of the time, although not all are through a conscious effort or desire.

Instead Ms Allen agrees to a staged documentary following her through the start-up of a new business venture with her sister. Is this merely a vehicle to get yet another of the Allen clan onto our TV sets?

I do understand that she has had a number of personal issues to deal with in recent years, and not all of them were brought on by her own actions or even avoidable, but if you do yearn for a life more ordinary, just go and do it. Ease off the daily twitter updates to an audience in excess of 2.7 million, don’t supply quotes to the press about said change of direction, and certainly don’t agree to a documentary to record every little part of your journey.

For those who have nothing better to do, it is being aired on Channel 4 at 10pm (GMT) on Tuesday March 15. Somehow, I think I might have something that clashes which will keep me from tuning in.

About ChrisV

My name is Chris and I'm from Sunderland in the North East of England. My interests are varied which you will probably see on here over time but I do find it hard not to rant, so while I will try and keep my blog topical and interesting, there's still a fair chance that I may well jump up on my soap box from time to time.
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3 Responses to Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags

  1. greg longley says:

    Ha ha all too true! A well summarized and astute observation!

  2. ChrisV says:

    Kind words Gregory. When will you be back on your soap box? I do miss your ramblings!

  3. greg longley says:

    Not sure Christopher! I’ve a new WordPress blog but no ramblings or anything as yet! Maybe I’m mellowing?! 😉

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