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Mid day in the Medina

Just a short clip to let you see what the Medina in Marrakesh is like during the day, you can hear the many snake charmers around the square in the back ground.

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Guide to Marrakech

Having just returned from Marrakech with two friends I thought that i would pull together a list of the basics for use by anyone planning a trip themselves. Whilst there is a lot of information already out there, this is … Continue reading

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The Red City

Marrakech It may not be handsome It may not be pretty One things for sure You’ll love this majestical city Marrakech From humble beginnings Of a time long since past Blossomed this wonderful Phoenix Like a palm growing fast Marrakech … Continue reading

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Quest of the Moroccan pint

Day 3 in Marrakech, the mercury is well above 25C and we are 3 Englishman in need of a beer. We arrived in Marrakech with no intention of a boozy weekend, but after all the walking and taking in everything … Continue reading

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Marrakech Stage 1

As you may know, today I have embarked on my virgin trip to Marrakech, along with @penshawgrump & @grayed. Our vehicle of choice is Ryanair. Booking was simple, and to be fair cheap, providing you travel in everything you intend … Continue reading

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