Film Trailer Reviews

As I get older, the family grows and work takes up more time than I’d care to admit, I find that I have less and less time to do the things that I enjoy. One of these ever eroding pastimes is visiting the cinema.

Gone are the days when I could take a chance and watch any old film that was new out that week. These days I have to carefully sift through the available trailers and do what I can to ensure a worth while investment of my precious free hours.

Taking the listings of new releases and forthcoming titles from Odeon Cinemas, I will start to build and maintain a review of all new films hitting the UK cinemas. I have no affiliation with Odeon, I have merely selected them as they have a large presence in UK cinema and should therefore have an up to date listing of emerging new films.

Please don’t confuse this with an actual review of the full movie, this is strictly a Trailer Review. Taking what the production companies define as some of the films finer moments, I intend to assess if this is really enough to give you a fair idea of the story, and more importantly, is this enough to get your bums on the seat of your nearest cinema? Would you really, take 3 hours out on the back of watching a 2 minute clip that couldn’t hold your attention or excitement for even half of that time? Me neither!

This isn’t about saving your money for just the better quality, high budget movies. I genuinely think going to the cinema is quite reasonable. This is about making better use of your time. If you’ve plenty of time on your hands, you may well still go along to some of the poorer movies just for the experience, and that’s just fine. It always gives you something to talk about later, but for me, I can only afford to go to see something that stands a good chance of being enjoyable.

Anyone who has a Mac will be no doubt familiar with Front Row which is great for a quick view of whats coming to a cinema near you, but for the rest of you out there, I’ll try to bring it all together in one neat and tidy package.

Thanks for reading, I’ve now set up a seperate blog for the trailer reviews which you can find here. It’s still early days but I will be added and updating as often as I can.


About ChrisV

My name is Chris and I'm from Sunderland in the North East of England. My interests are varied which you will probably see on here over time but I do find it hard not to rant, so while I will try and keep my blog topical and interesting, there's still a fair chance that I may well jump up on my soap box from time to time.
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