The draw of the open

The open is upon us again, and what a great tournament it is. St Andrews again showing to be a great stage for the game and what better way to kick things off than the way Rory McIlroy broke the course record with an opening round of 63!

The weather seems to be the greatest challenge so far with the course playing very well, but we’re yet to see how they will manage when the wind really comes into its own.

I’m not normally one for attending big events such as this. I know some people fill their calendar each and every year with the headlining music festivals and sporting events but to date, that’s never really been me. I think that might be about to change. I do feel that a visit to St Andrews is upon me. I’ve left it a bit late this year but I really would like to head up there when the game returns to the home of golf. If we only we could guarantee a rain free weekend I’d be booking up now.

As an amateur golfer, and I do mean very amateur, I’m no stranger to a 4 mile walk in driving rain while dragging your clubs around behind you, stopping far more frequently than you’d like to take yet another shot. It’s the love of playing the game that gets me round, despite the difficulties that this type of weather brings to the game. I’m not sure yet how the promise of similar conditions would appeal if I am just there as a spectator, albeit a spectator of the finest players in the world.

One of the reasons I’ve so far been content to follow the tournament from home is the great free coverage that the BBC provides. Coupled with the fine commentary team as well as ‘Ken on the Course’, it’s a winning combination. You can follow the game live on BBC or download the open golf app from the app store if you can’t be near a tv when the time is right.

I’m keen to hear from anyone who’s made the trip before or is even there watching now in 2010, any tips for how best to navigate the course, how to best negotiate the prime vistas for the closing holes on day 4. All comments welcome, good and bad.

Also, who do you think will win it this year? My moneys on Woods, McIlroy or Westwood. I would love to see Woods get back on form and so far he seems to have improved his putting, but by no way do I want to see him become a default winner as many of his fans do. Wouldn’t it be great to see a Brit take the title?


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My name is Chris and I'm from Sunderland in the North East of England. My interests are varied which you will probably see on here over time but I do find it hard not to rant, so while I will try and keep my blog topical and interesting, there's still a fair chance that I may well jump up on my soap box from time to time.
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