Raoul Moat – Why do they love him?

Ok, so we all know of the horrific events that have unfolded over the last 2 weeks and I’m sure that we all hope that this thing never happens again, and certainly not so close to home. Without going into the full details of the week-long man hunt and lengthy siege, one thing in particular has astounded me since the events were drawn to an end when Roaul Moat took his own life last Friday.

Why is there a growing admiration for this individual? What does this say about the society that we live in where a man who kills one person and attempts to kill another two is hailed as some form of hero?

I’ve held back from referring to him as a ‘mad man’ or a ‘nutter’, mainly because I don’t know him, and I’m certainly not qualified to give such an acute assessment of someone who I have only seen on the news. But my opinion would stray quite some distance from the remarks that have been made since he took his own life. (Yes, I do realise that there is still debate over the use of tazers by the police, and if this did indeed lead to the cause of his death). People up and down the country have been labeling him as some kind of hero or martyr, referring to him as a gentle giant and easy-going. Even if this is a true summary of him before the events of the last 2 weeks took place, it in no way excuses what he has done in attempting to take three lives and being successful on one occasion.

There is a page in Facebook that has almost 20,000 followers, all of whom have kinds words to say about him, the majority of which have never met or spoken to him. I’m glad to see that David Cameron has condemned this page and the affection it shows the gunman, although Facebook have refused to remove the page despite pressure from a number of influential individuals. View this link to read that article in full http://bit.ly/cytFMU

Why would total strangers try to excuse what this man has done? Many suggesting that something must have made him flip, as it was out of character, or he must have been on drugs. Even if this and more is true, I still can’t understand why that would convince you to show support and affection for him. I really am at a loss. Then there is something of a much smaller scale but must be much worse to accept by all of those involved. The flowers and cards that are being laid in homage for the gunman at the site where he shot himself in Rothbury. Is as much sympathy and support being shown towards the families of those that he shot? I certainly hope so. How must they be feeling to see this man receive so much admiration for taking the life of a loved one or seriously injuring a friend and relative?

I do hope that this stops and stops soon. Did Derek Bird, the Cumbrian gunman receive the same kind of fan base after his rampage through the quiet Lake District? I doubt it. So what makes Raoul Moat so different? I really do struggle to understand. These people also seem to forget why he had been in prison in the first place. Although it was a short sentence, he was in prison for assault and had been arrested on 12 other occasions. This doesn’t paint the picture of a gentle mild-mannered individual.

Your thoughts are welcome as always, maybe they will help me understand this very strange and saddening situation.


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My name is Chris and I'm from Sunderland in the North East of England. My interests are varied which you will probably see on here over time but I do find it hard not to rant, so while I will try and keep my blog topical and interesting, there's still a fair chance that I may well jump up on my soap box from time to time.
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